Miroslav Tyrš - příspěvek k formování české estetiky

Miroslav  Tyrš - Contribution  to the Formation of the Czech Aesthetics

Although the  Miroslav  Tyrš’s  legacy for Czech philosophy and deeper and  wider embedment   of the Czech national idea is generally acknowledged,  there are   minimum in-depth studies of his work. The proposed  project studies   establishment of Tyrš’s philosophy and aesthetic  as a starting   point of his concrete political praxis. Via analysis  and comparisons   of primary sources in his yet not processed inheritance  and already   published partial texts I pursue how Tyrš comes  to his own conception   of activism and how is this idea bringing into  life in praxis.   Close attention will be paid to practical application  of his  theoretical  principals in “Sokol”, the main Czech organization   endorsing  and supporting national idea. The key outcome will   be 1) series  of articles in Czech and German concerning currency of   Tyrš’s contribution  to the Czech aesthetics, theory of arts   and conservation of cultural  heritage, 2) scrutinization of the   real influence of European theoretical  streams on Tyrš’s philosophical   and theoretical ideas, and 3)  discussion of his contribution   to politics of national heritage  conservation.